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  • NonWater Waterproof Spray (#33181)
  • Payout: $13.50
  • CR: 2.22%
  • EPC: $9.00
  • Vertical: Children & Family

NonWater Waterproof Spray

NonWater is a revolutionary waterproof protection, which gives
unique properties to such materials as natural or synthetic fibre,
suede, nubuck, etc.

This non-toxic water repellent does not contain organic solvents
and is absolutely transparent. The materials under treatment
gain strong waterproof qualities: the surface interaction with
water or its solutions is absolutely minimal and the self-cleaning
effect is achieved.

The advantages of NonWater:
- The waterproof effect is significantly better
compared with regular water repellents;
- Offers full protection up to 3 months, which
makes it about 10 times more durable than
other water repellents;
- Does not contain oil, paraffin, wax, silicone,
acrylic or any toxic components;
- Does not change the appearance of clothes
and footwear; absolutely transparent and
- Does not alter vapor or air permeability,
making the clothes and footwear breathable;
- Does not contain solvents, and is harmless for
such sensitive materials as suede or nubuck;
- Odorless;
- Can be applied on most types of fabric.

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