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  • Shaw Academy - Free Course (US) (#31687)
  • Payout: $1.40
  • CR: 6.54%
  • EPC: $0.09
  • Vertical: Education/Careers

Shaw Academy - Free Course (US)

The min. age group of a lead will be standard 25+ years of age and leads < 25 will not be considered as valid conversions.

LEARN TODAY SUCCEED TOMORROW Join over 484,384 graduates and get access to the best live education on the planet.

Get your Free Online Course!

Offer Flow/Process: User/ Students who register for our 1 Free course online will have 10 Live Interactive Webinars to attend.( We interact with our students with our online educators based out of Ireland) and these would be in their Local time. Hence the attendance for the 1st Class will be considered as the parameter to check the quality of leads.

Quality metric of 10% Attendance on the 1st Webinar for valid leads.

Permitted Traffic: Display, Search, PPC, Native, Social, Blogs, Coupons sites

Offer Flow Details:
•Step 1 = Respondent Selects Course to Join.
•Step 2 = Respondent Enrolls to the Course by clicking on CTA Button, SIGNUP NOW
•Step 3 = Respondent fills in Basic Details, Chooses Date and Clicks on CTA Button, Continue. (The Tracking Pixel will be placed here)
•Respondent completing the above criteria will be considered a qualified lead.

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Important Note

The min. age group of a lead will be standard 25+ years of age and leads < 25 will not be considered as valid conversions.
No incent, No casino & gambling, No dating traffic is permitted!
FRAUDULENT TRAFFIC WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. Affiliates sending fraudulent traffic, or suspected of sending fraudulent traffic, will be immediately expelled from the offer and affiliate network; and transactions will be charged back. Advertisers reserves the right to remove Affiliates sending low quality traffic at any time. Advertisers also reserve the right to charge back low quality traffic.

***All custom creatives must be submitted for review and approval prior to use.***

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  • Social: Yes
  • Search: Yes
  • Display: Yes
  • PPV: No
  • Contextual: Yes
  • Conversion Rate History for Shaw Academy - Free Course (US)
Date Conversion Rate Change %
May 28 6.43% Today
May 27 7.44% +1.01%
May 26 6.84% +0.41%
May 25 6.63% +0.2%
May 24 6.39% -0.04%
May 23 6.28% -0.15%
May 22 10.07% +3.64%
May 21 10.00% +3.57%
May 20 10.37% +3.94%
May 19 10.13% +3.7%
May 18 10.47% +4.04%
May 17 10.77% +4.34%
May 16 11.02% +4.59%
May 15 11.16% +4.73%