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  • FinTech Ltd (German Language) (#30832)
  • Payout: $280.00
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  • Vertical: Biz Opps/Work at Home

FinTech Ltd (German Language)

!!! PLEASE NOTE !!! US traffic is NOT accepted for this offer, Client only wants traffic from only Tier 1 and Tier 2 Countries.

FinTech LTD is a make money funnel with amazing auto algorithm.

Benefits for the users: - No previous experience required; - Automated Algorithm;

Benefits for affiliates: - 2 step proven process for conversion; - Proven auto-responder series to convert the users. - Call-centre takes care of each and every lead.

Expected results: - EPC for targeted traffic $8+ - EPC for non-targeted traffic $2+ Conversion Process: User opt-in on the page 1 User Register on page 2 User deposits - post back URL fires conversion

Client only wants traffic from only Tier 1 and Tier 2 Countries

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