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  • Bowl Light (US, Canada) (#29686)
  • Payout: $5.50
  • CR: 0.00%
  • EPC: $0.00
  • Vertical: As Seen on TV

Bowl Light (US, Canada)

As Seen On TV Bowl Light - Transform Your Toilet Into a Soft Gentle Night Light

Bowl Light is a motion activated night light that turns your toilet into a rainbow of colors. Simply hook the light onto any toilet, select your color to match any decor and watch as the magical LED light automatically turns on and off. Bowl Light lights up the night without waking you up, is perfect for children at night, and helps you stop stumbling around in the dark.

Double Offer for $12.99 + S&H

Allowed Traffic: Banner, Social, SEO

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SEO Permitted, no Paid Search allowed.
Email, PPC, Google Content, Pop Over/Under, Incentivized Traffic, Spam/Complaint/Fraud References, Canada Direct Electronic Messaging including Email, SMS and Social Media Messaging (per the Canada Anti-Spam Law), and Brand Trademark Infringement (includes domains and social media accounts)

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