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  • ITPro.TV Subscription (Multi-Geo) [Exclusive] (#12105)
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ITPro.TV Subscription (Multi-Geo) [Exclusive]

ITPro.TV Subscription

At ITProTV, our goal is to provide you with a new way to prepare for your certification exams. ITPro.TV is geared towards those in the IT
Industry or those interested in obtaining IT certifications. Our content supplements traditional learning methods to provide you with a fun and engaging way to maximize knowledge transfer and prepare for your certification exams. The content is packaged in a television show format and is designed to cover all of the exam objectives. our hosts are certified professionals with real world experience. More importantly, each of our hosts is gifted with the ability to explain the technology in a way even your mother can understand.

Converts on paid registration for subscription! This landing page gives affiliates 40% off the regular rate!

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